Joshua Parsons is the creator of the Hide and Seek Archives podcast which focuses on interviews with people who have had real life encounters with cryptids. This podcast was created in 2020 and has had dozens of episodes that have been downloaded millions of times. The goal of this podcast is to get people to think about their own experiences with things like ghosts and Bigfoot. The end goal for Josh is for listeners to realize, these creatures we hear about in legends may actually exist.

The goal of the H.A.S.A. research group is to discover and document evidence of Sasquatch and other cryptids to create scientific awareness about these rare, yet undiscovered species. Through our network of investigators nationwide, we provide information and study data which we hope leads to proof of its existence.

Meet Joshua Parsons and (Co-Host) Todd Parsons

The podcast is a father and son combo! These two have been cryptid investigating since Josh was little. You can see the dynamic between the two on the show!