About Us

We are a dad and son duo who live on opposite sides of the states! Josh lives in Michigan while Todd lives in Texas. Let us tell you a little about ourselves!

Josh Parsons

Born and raised in South East Texas, Josh grew up being an avid outdoorsman. Traveling around the United States he learned many skills including hiking, hunting, surviving, and investigating the unknown. Leading him to researching the unknown in Texas, Michigan, Colorado, and Florida. Moving to Michigan at the age of 25, he married his wife and created his family. He started his Podcast, Hide and Seek Archives, to help others know they're not alone. He can be seen in 168 Hours with Kerry Arnold and Searching for Sasquatch with Jason Kenzie.

Todd Parsons


Todd was born and raised in Southeast Texas and always had an interest in subjects that involved the unknown, especially Bigfoot. He read every book he could on the subject, and even wrote researchers who were popular back in the 70's. With the introduction of the internet, Todd was able to continue research, and learn more about the subject, such as the fact that Bigfoot was not only native to the Pacific Northwest, but also to the swamps and forests of the Southern United States. He began to follow local research groups, and when the introduction of fingerprint experts explained the significance of dermal ridges in Sasquatch footprints, his interest was peaked even more. In 2007, he bought backpacking gear and went on his first backpacking excursion with his two sons Joshua and Joseph. That night they had an experience that totally boosted his interest level in the subject even more and he began doing expeditions with different groups. Some locations that he has researched and had unexplained experiences include Southern Oklahoma, and Southeast Texas. Todd has found his niche with a research group named T.A.A.A.P.S (Texas Acknowledgement, Awareness, Preservation of Sasquatch), where he is able to share research and experiences with friends who have similar goals and values.